Magna Roman Fort

Magna Roman Fort, set at the edge of the Whin Sill on Hadrian's Wall. This Roman fort holds untold historical information in the depths of its soils. Although the surface of the site reveals very little due to later damage and destruction, underneath layers of archaeology remain to be explored. Read more

The Romans, camping, and me

In this blog by our Digitisation Project Officer Anneke you can find out more about not only our wooden collection but how she is using her personal love for camping to help her understand the artefacts and the Romans. Read more

Vindolanda Tavern Teaser

Vindolanda's answer to the classic pub quiz. Test your Roman knowledge against some tricky brain teasers. Read more

A love letter to Vindolanda

Vindolanda custodian and guide Helen, takes us through a virtual walk of Vindolanda and what she loves best about the site. This is a video blog with a transcript available. Read more