Ever wondered ‘Who took that photo?’ well here we are! We’re taking a step out from behind the camera and into the spotlight. Check out more about us (Sonya, Communications Manager and Penny, Activities Officer) at the Meet the Team webpage.

We go to some extreme lengths to get great shots to showcase not just our sites but also the artefacts we find and conserve, the people who work here and those who give their time to help us by volunteering. That’s because we really want you to see our amazing sites in all seasons. So with the latest government advice which is to stay at home we've decided to make Vindolanda our home and for the next few  weeks we'll be staying at the Vindolanda Hedley Centre, this means we can safely continue to look after our amazing site and museum and also keep you connected with the site through our photographs and videos.

Whatever the weather.

We get it all, snow, hail, wind, rain and sun - the last one happens more often than you think! We know Vindolanda looks great in any weather so it’s always good to be prepared to head out into whatever the weather is doing. It’s also a great excuse to have half of your closet at work. Here are some of the weather conditions we have braved in the past:

The challenge of being a left-handed photographer

You can always trust a left-hander to find the flaw in the technology. Sonya has found there are some interesting considerations when taking pictures on her iPhone. It often involves a bit of contortion in real life or digital rotation on the computer to correct. It’s certainly an important consideration before you upload straight to Facebook!

Learning to fly

There are only so many things we can stand on (Roman walls not being one of them) to get a great view from above, so the Trust has recently invested in a drone to make things a lot easier.

Having gained all the necessary qualifications we’re in the process of learning to fly it. Above we are pictured using the new Archaeology Centre concrete base as our launch pad, we'll not be able to do that any longer with the building having arrived on site! 

You might have seen this image on our social media feeds of one of our first flights above Vindolanda. We must admit, we're pretty pleased with this one. The weather conditions were absolutely perfect that morning. It is wonderful to be able to capture images like this of the site and we look forward to seeing the site from above when there are different ground conditions and light throughout the year.  

Vindolanda Fort from the South in the early morning frost (Image: Vindolanda Trust)

But as well as taking these epic aerials of Vindolanda one of our key jobs during 2020 is using the drone to monitor changes in the ground conditions at our other Roman Fort - Magna. 

Magna Fort platform from the West (Image: Vindolanda Trust)

Our aerial images will not however be replacing the expert aerial photography undertaken by Adam Stanford of Aerialcam – we know when we’re beat! Adam is an absolute professional and has been taking amazing aerial images of Vindolanda since before drones were a thing.

We are, like everyone, really upset that the start of our 2020 excavation season has been delayed.  Taking photographs of our latest finds is one of the highlights of our job.  We not only get to see some of the discoveries coming out of the ground but also have access to the lab to see them being conserved.  Here's a few of Sonya's photographs of new finds  from the last couple of seasons at Vindolanda - as soon as we can start excavating again we'll be there with our cameras to catch some of the action for you.

We hope you continue to enjoy our photography and as we will be at Vindolanda 24 hours a day for the next few weeks expect a lot more!

Thank you for everyone also who has supported our survival appeal. We know that a lot of people will have financial worries at the moment, not just the Vindolanda Trust. Donate if you can but if not just keep liking and sharing our links, posts and videos. When we are able to re-open please come to visit and bring your camera! 

Stay safe, Sonya & Penny

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