This suggested itinerary starts at the Roman Army Museum but you can start at either site - just reverse the itinerary if you wish to start at Vindolanda

NOTE: If time or weather doesn't permit, with a joint site saver ticket you can come back another day to complete your visit to both our sites.

MORNING (estimated time 1.5-2 hours)

  • Arrive at the Roman Army Museum, using our travel information if required.
  • Your journey into the role of the army in the Roman Empire begins.
    • See the Edge of Empire award winning 3D film.
    • Join the Roman Army with Centurion Africanus.
    • Find out about Roman Education with our holographic teacher.
    • See full scale replicas and artefacts from Vindolanda which illustrate life on the frontier. 
  • After your visit, take a wander around our museum gift shop gifts and visit the cafe.

NOTE: Roman Army Museum is an indoor 'all-weather' attraction 


  • There are picnic tables in The Roman Army Museum car park (and also in the museum grounds at Vindolanda)
  • Food is available at both our sites.
  • Transfer to Vindolanda - by car, about 15 minutes by following the line of Hadrian’s Wall through the scenic Northumbrian countryside.


If time permits you can add a visit to the superb section of Hadrian's Wall at Walltown Crags next to the Roman Army Museum — allow about 45 minutes.

AFTERNOON (estimated time 2-3 hours)

  • Arrive at Roman Vindolanda, using our travel information if required.
  • The archaeological site
    • Meet the archaeologists (April-September, Mon-Fri. Weather permitting)
    • See the most fully excavated fort and civilian settlement on Hadrian's Wall
    •  Visit the full size replicas of Hadrian's Wall in stone and timber.
  • The museum
    • Explore hundreds of artefacts
    • Highlights include leather boots and shoes, armour and weapons, wooden objects and the Vindolanda writing tablets
    • To complete your visit, why not take a look in our shop with great affordable range of books, gifts and souvenirs.
  • Don't forget to visit the cafe and enjoy a drink and a homemade treat and visit the shop for books and souvenirs.