Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum welcome groups of all ages to the site. If your group has 15 or more individuals we can offer great discounts and access to our education resources.  For ideas on what you can do in a day please see our day planner.

At Roman Vindolanda, we not only offer groups access to some of the best-preserved Roman remains on Hadrian’s Wall but groups can come and see archaeology in action (Mon-Fri, April to September, weather permitting). We offer groups of 15 or more a 10% discount and a 20 minute introductory talk with a member of our Education Team (Mon-Fri). Your group will also get to see some of the finest Roman artefacts in Britain including a selection of the world famous ink on wood writing tablets.   

In the spacious indoor Roman Army Museum, groups can explore the life of a Roman soldier through many different interpretive styles including the award-winning Edge of Empire 3D film which follows the new recruit Aquila and his life on Hadrian’s Wall. Your group can book exclusive access to the classroom, where they will receive a short lesson in Latin and Roman history from a holographic teacher.  Other displays include Roman Soliders
and the Empire, the Invasion of Britain, Hadrian and Daily Life on the Frontier.  A group of 15 or more also receive a 10% discount if you book for this museum.

If you would like to make a fabulous day out on Hadrian’s Wall, you can book both sites and receive a 20% discount off the admission. A 15 minute coach drive though fabulous Northumbrian countryside links the two site and if desired, groups can access Hadrian’s Wall at Walltown Crags, just a short walk from the Roman Army Museum.


Archaeological Talk -If you school group has 15 or more you automatically qualify for a free archaeological talk. This is a 20-minute introduction to our site. The talk will be delivered inside one of the Roman building remains at Vindolanda (weather permitting) and will include the history of the site, its relationship to Hadrian’s Wall, the building remains, the excavations and what we find. The talk is interactive, and the group get to have a closer look at some of the artefacts we find as well as getting them to think like an archaeologist. There will be time for questions at the end. simply add the time of talk you would like to your booking form.

Packed Lunches - Packed lunches can be pre-ordered using the booking sheet. They include a sandwich, crisps, biscuit and a bottle of water. These can also be added to your booking form.