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Survival Appeal

This year is going to be a tough year for all of us. Join us in celebrating 50 years of the Vindolanda Trust and please consider supporting us to get to another 50. You can buy a virtual birthday gift and contribute to our future. Thank you for your incredible support.


Author: Penny Trichler

Location: Chesterholm Museum,Bardon Mill, Hexham

Target amount: £100,000.00

Amount raised: £127,770.53

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Unique Christian Artefact Uncovered at Vindolanda

A recently uncovered artefact at Vindolanda sheds a new light on the Dark Ages of Britain. Hidden in the remains of a 6th century Christian church, inside the previously occupied Roman Fort, were the fragmentary remains of a lead vessel, lightly etched with symbols of early Christian iconography.


Author: Sonya Galloway

Aureus Adventures Writing Competition

Join our 500 word writing competition based around Vindolanda's only gold coin for kids aged 5 -13. Every entrant receives a free gift and there are prizes in each age category including book tokens up to £50. The top prize is a chance to have your story narrated by Vindolanda Trust Patron Robson Green. The competition finishes 31st October 2020 enter now!


Author: Penny Trichler

Engaging Vindolanda's Global Community

The Vindolanda Trust has two new community-based projects developed to encourage engagement with the Vindolanda Site and Museum and The Roman Army Museum during a time when physical access to them is restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The projects have been supported by a grant from the Arts Council England Emergency Response Fund.


Author: Sonya Galloway

Our impact


We estimate that only 24% of Vindolanda has been excavated, meaning we have another 150 years of excavating to go!


Since the Vindolanda Trust opened its doors to visitors in 1970 over 5 million people have visited our two sites.


The Vindolanda Trust employs 47 local staff, one of the largest tourism employers in Tynedale.

Our Vision

Overview of the Vindolanda Trusts aims and objectives


Author: Colin Galloway

Location: The Vindolanda Trust, Chesterholm Museum,Westwood, Hexham


  • Life at a Roman Camp

    2nd October 2020
    A look at the tents the Romans would have used and in particular the tent pegs using the Vindolanda collection of artefacts, as well as a replica camp with tent and a chance to see what food might have been available for the soldiers. Read more

  • Vindolanda Festive Light Tours

    December 2020
    Vindolanda site tour at dusk. Work your way from the museum through the gardens and through the site stopping for photos and chat highlighting some of Vindolanda's features. Wearing of Christmas lights is encouraged! Read more


  • Altars back in the landscape

    Replica altars to the Roman God Jupiter Dolichenus placed back in religious shrine at Vindolanda enabling visitors to see them in their original setting for the first time in 1,800 years. Read more

  • Rare Bronze Hand Discovered

    A small, child sized, and eerily life-like bronze hand has been discovered during the excavation of a Severan fort ditch at Roman Vindolanda. Read more