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These terms of use apply to your use and viewing of our website. Your use of our website indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you must not use this website. We may update and/or revise these terms and conditions at any time without notice. You are responsible for reviewing these terms on each occasion that you revisit our site and if you continue to use our site after changes are made you are deemed to have accepted them. Certain provisions of these terms and conditions may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages of our site.

1.0 Intellectual Property

1.1 General

The copyright of the design and contents of this website are owned by the Vindolanda Trust or its licensors. All rights are reserved. All other intellectual property rights, including trade marks, shall remain with us or our licensors and nothing in this website should be taken as conferring any licence or right to use any trade mark displayed on our website without our prior written approval for any purpose. In particular, but without limitation, you may not use the Vindolanda Trust name in meta-tags or as a sponsored term in search engines.

1.2 Vindolanda Trust Material

1.2.1 Content

You may print off or download Vindolanda Trust content on this site as permitted under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) (sections 28 to 30) for the purposes of viewing it on your computer, research for non-commercial purposes, private study, criticism, review and news reporting, provided that you do not alter it in any way and acknowledge us as the source of the content and the copyright owners.

Any other use of Vindolanda Trust material is subject to the prior written approval of the Trust. Applications should be made through the Contact Us area of the site.

1.2.2 Logos

The copying and use of any logo on this site is not permitted without prior approval of the Vindolanda Trust and any other organisation. Permission requests should be directed through the site.

1.2.3 Downloading and using images from the Vindolanda Trust’s Website

How you download an image and what type of licence you may need depends on your intended use. To determine whether it's for personal, non-commercial or commercial use. Please carefully read the below to understand the Trust's policy.

Commercial use – Vindolanda Trust Images permission

Even if your intended use is not for profit, it may still be deemed commercial by the Trust, in which case you must obtain permission from the Vindolanda Trust. For guidance on this, please read the Trust's definition of commercial use.

Size:The size and resolution of images will depend on your intended use and budget, as well as the size/quality of the original image.

Cost: The cost of the permission will depend on your intended use. For a free quote, please email [email protected] with a link to the image(s) and as much information as possible about your intended use.

1.2.4 Professional filming and photography

Prior approval must be sought and authorised by The Vindolanda Trust for professional and commercial requests to photograph exhibits and locations within Roman Vindolanda Site and Museum and Roman Army Museum and Magna Roman Fort. 

 1.2.5 Copyright and permissions

The Creative Commons licence does not apply to our website. Most of the content on our website has been created by the Vindolanda Trust. It is protected by internationally recognised laws of copyright and intellectual property. The Vindolanda Trust can decide under what terms to release the content for which we own the copyright.

However, not all the content on our website is owned exclusively by the Vindolanda Trust. Some of it may have third-party intellectual property or image rights that the Trust doesn't own. While we have made all reasonable efforts to obtain permission from the owners of such content to post it on our website, we cannot allow any additional uses ourselves.

Additionally, there may be content we can't share under a Creative Commons licence due to cultural sensitivities, or if doing so would be against any existing Trust policies (such as our human remains policy).

Commercial activities – Requires permission by the Vindolanda Trust

For the avoidance of doubt, the Vindolanda Trust considers the following to be commercial activities (this list is not exhaustive):

·   Anything that is in itself charged for, including textbooks and academic books or journals.

·   An individual's website or blog that is used as a platform to promote or conduct commercial activities (for example, to sell products created by or services provided by such an individual).

·   A commercial organisation's website or blog, including trading arms of charities.

·   Freely distributed leaflets or merchandise that promote goods or services.

·   Corporate stationery or any business communications such as annual reviews.

·    Free-entry events, presentations or lectures promoting a product or a service.

·    Displays in public places offering or promoting a product or service, such as use in a shop, restaurant, hotel, public bar or property showroom.

The Vindolanda Trust considers the following to be non-commercial activities (this list is not exhaustive):

·    Use in free-entry, educational lectures (or in activities promoting free-entry lectures).

·    Promotion of any non-commercial activity, such as a poster advertising a bursary.

·    One-off classroom use.

·    Reproduction within a thesis document submitted by a student at an educational establishment (an electronic version of the thesis may be stored online by the educational establishment as long as it is made available at no cost to the end user).

·  Use in websites as long as they are informational, academic or research-oriented and not linked to any commercial activity.

·  Display within a free-entry public space (including museums and galleries), as long as the use is not promoting a product or a service.

·  Educational and classroom use within an educational establishment or in the course of formal instruction.

Please note: the Vindolanda Trust can't guarantee that your use of any content found on our website will not infringe any third-party copyright or other intellectual property rights. It is your responsibility to judge whether any of the content may need additional clearances for your intended use and to obtain them.

Re-use of images

Unless stated otherwise, the copyright for the majority of images on the Vindolanda Trust website belongs to the Trustees of the Vindolanda Trust. However, please note that the copyright for certain images is held by third-parties.

To re-use any of the website images, the type of licence you may need depends on your intended use. Determine whether it is for non-commercial or commercial use, by referring to the lists of activities above.

1.3 Third Party Material

The permissions to reproduce Vindolanda Trust material on this site does not extend to material which is identified as being the copyright or other intellectual property of a third party. Authorisation to reproduce such material must be obtained directly from the third party concerned.

1.4 Software, Databases and Other Tools Used On This Site ("Software")

Except to the extent and in the circumstances expressly permitted by law, you may not rent, lease, sub-license, loan, copy, modify, adapt, merge, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the software used on this site nor may you use, reproduce or deal in the software in whole or in part in any way.

2.0 Content of This Site

We have made commercially reasonable efforts to check for viruses on our site. We have also endeavoured to ensure that the information on or available via this website is correct, not misleading and secure. However, it is possible that the information is out of date, incomplete, inaccurate or has been tampered with by third parties and we give no warranties, express or implied as to its integrity, completeness or accuracy. We may make changes to the content of our site at any time without notice.

3.0 General Use of Our Site

Use of this website is free and we take steps to ensure it is available 24 hours a day to all permitted users, and that it is accessible. We do not warrant that the site will be continuously available, or that your use of the site will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the site and server will be free from attack. It is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of exactly what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable use of this website. In general, we will not tolerate any use of our website which damages or is likely to damage our reputation, the availability or integrity of the website or which causes us or threatens to cause us to incur any legal, tax or regulatory liability.

We therefore ask you to treat our website with respect, and not to use the site for any illegal purpose, or in such a way as to infringe or breach other’s rights or to cause or threaten to cause us damage. We also ask you to comply with any relevant notices, policies and terms imposed by third parties whose website you may access through our site. We reserve the right to suspend the use of our site generally or block your access to any part of the site and/or to suspend or terminate your rights to use the site or any part of it if we suspect misuse. We shall then report any misuse of our site to the relevant enforcement or other authorities and to our advisers. We further reserve the right to disclose any evidence we have which relates directly or indirectly to misuse.

4.0 Links

You may not link to this website without our prior written permission, which we may refuse or revoke in our absolute discretion and without the need to provide a reason. If you would like to link to this site, please contact us through the site for permission. This website includes links that allow you to leave this website. Where there is any link from this website to other websites or content or features supplied by third parties, we have no control over and are not responsible for the content, use by you or availability of such websites and the content and the existence of such links does not imply that we in any way endorse the material on such sites or the products or services made available by them.

5.0 Privacy

This website includes areas where you are requested to input information about yourself. Any information you submit to us through this website shall be subject to the terms of our Privacy Code and you grant us a perpetual royalty-free licence to use such information for the purposes set out in that code.

6.0 Statutory Information

Vindolanda Trust registered address is: Chesterholm Museum Bardon Mill Hexham Northumberland NE47 7JN.

7.0 General

If any provision of these terms and conditions is held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or part, the other provisions of these terms and conditions and the remainder of the affected provisions shall continue to be valid. The failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy provided by these terms of use or by law does not constitute a waiver of other rights or remedies. These terms and the use of this website and its content shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England, and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts