Our site archaeologist Marta Alberti created this tricky quiz on all things Roman including general knowledge rounds, Roman Britain and of course a Vindolanda round. So brush up on your Roman history and put your brain to the test with the Vindolanda Tavern Teaser.

How it works:

There is no limit to the number of people or teams that can take part in this quiz, but you will need to choose one person to be the quizmaster. They host the game, read out the questions and gives the answers. There are downloadable answer sheets for the contestants, these should be ready before you start.

There are 4 rounds with 10 questions each and one challenge round. Some questions come with additional clues or hints, it is up to the quizmaster whether these are used or not. At the end of each round the quizmaster will reveal the answers and take down the scores for each team/contestant. There is also a chance for a break and a chat between each round.

This quiz is free to enjoy though we are suggesting a donation of £1 per person playing to the Vindolanda Survival Appeal. If this is something that you are unable to do right now please consider making a visit or donation in the future when possible. 

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