Our volunteer guides have a vital role to play in delivering memorable and enjoyable tours that bring Vindolanda to life and enhance the visitor experience. We have a team of almost 20 guides that give their time to us through out the year. Our guides are mainly local people but we do have guides who journey from as far away as Lancashire to give tours! Each guide has their own interests and may highlight different parts of the site that inspire and surprise them but they all take you through Vindolanda highlighting the most noteable buildings and explaining its history. You will also be able to get up to date information about the current excavations even when the archaeologists are not digging.

2019 will be the first year that the guides will be making their way over to the Roman Army Museum as well to guide visitors around the remains of the fort Magna, located in the fields behind the museum. We are very thankful that our guides are as enthusiastic as the Trust in continuing to learn from our sites and to share that knowledge with the people who visit our sites.

This year we are pleased that we have such a large number of guides who continue to give their time to Vindolanda. This does mean that we currently do not have any places available. If opportunities to expand our guiding team do become available we will publicise this via our website and our social media channels.