To volunteer at Vindolanda you don't need any experience in archaeology! You do need to be enthusiastic, fit to undertake all aspect of archaeological work, over 18 (or 16 if accompanied by an adult) and of course you'll need to have booked yourself a spot via our website!

The Vindolanda Trust has been accepting volunteers on to its excavations since its foundation in 1970 and over 6900 people have benefited from this challenging experience. The Vindolanda Trust recognises the substantial contribution of its volunteer excavators to our understanding of the site, and therefore Roman Britain as a whole. At Vindolanda we are committed to the view that volunteer excavators should continue to have the opportunity to share in the experience of working on one of the most exciting archaeologically sites in Western Europe, and part of the Hadrian's Wall UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To find out more about excavating at Vindolanda, go to our Vindolanda Excavations page.