PowerPoint presentation

In this adaptable PowerPoint presentation, we have developed an in class resource for you to use to help prompt the children to remember their visit to our sites. We have covered general topics from all three of the themes used during their visits to our sites.

The Missing Dead App Activity Packs

If you used the Missing Dead app while on site at Vindolanda you will find four dedicated cross curricular teaching packs here. These packs were developed to concentrate on the History and Computer Sciences and were developed with colleagues at Newcastle University and Creative Assembly, a professional gamming company. There are additional links to the Junior Blogs, which help to further compliment learning.



       Vindolanda: The Army at the Wall - Pack 1      The Empire at Vindolanda - Pack 2


         Vindolanda: Life of the Officers - Pack 3       Archaeology in Action - Pack 4

Teacher's notes - the Missing Dead

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