Have fun creating all things Roman use your imagination. On this page we have some ideas to set you on your way and you can see we've already had fun creating a few of our Loo Roll characters.


Loo Roll Legionary

Legionary - Printer Friendly Download

Legionary Answers

Loo Roll Lepidina

Looking your best in Roman Vindolanda Fact Sheet

Lepidina - Printer Friendly Download

Loo Roll Emperor Hadrian

Hadrian and his Wall Fact Sheet

Hadrian - Printer Friendly Download


Loo Roll Archaeologist 1 Download

Loo Roll Archaeologist 2 Download

Home Excavation Challenge

Use your loo roll archaeologists or archaeo-loo-ologists to help you excavate and discover new areas of your home. Below you can download an excavation report to record your findings. We have staged our own home excavations with our archaeo-loo-ologists where they boldly went beneath the sofa cushions. Have a look at what they found in the example excavation report. 


Wow, your excavations have been so successful they have caught the attention of the press. Create a news story around your excavations. This can be any media you like, a magazine article a video or a story in the newspaper. What was so amazing about your excavations and why does the world need to know? You can see we have created a magazine cover for our sofa excavations and we've had a very special presenter come to learn more about our excavations too.

Excavation Report Download

Vindolanda Sofa Excavation Report Download


Mini Milestones Download Ancient Aqueducts Download

  Solomon’s Knot - Mosaic activities

Solomon’s Knot Activity Download

Gladiator glass craft image - Create your own version of the gladiator glass.

Download the Gladiator Glass Craft