Roman Pottery

What is it? What was it used for? How was it made? How does it help the archaeologists understand the people of the past? Roman pottery and all you need to know about it. Read more


Learn about the Roman fort Magna, the fort at the rock, that sits next to the Roman Army Museum. Read more

Hadrian's Wall

Click here for some basic facts about Hadrian's Wall. Read more


What do archaeologist do? Find out more here. Read more

Roman Soldiers

Basic information about joining the army. Read more

Evidence of Roman Women

What about the women? Vindolanda has lots of objects which show us that there were lots of women living here at the site. Find out more here. Read more

Staying Healthy at Vindolanda

Explore the Roman world of medicine - how did the Romans stay healthy? Marcus the medicus takes you through the medical ideas of the Romans. Read more

FACT FILE: In the bath house

Find out more about the Vindolanda bath house and how it was used. Read more

FACT FILE Animal Brooches

The Romans used brooches to hold their clothes together and as fashion accessories. Some, the zoomorphic or animal brooches, also had deeper meaning. Find out more here. Read more