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Vindolanda Wood Classic Fountain Pen


This unique gift has been hand crafted in the UK from almost 2,000 year old oak uncovered at Vindolanda. Read more

Replica Duck Brooch in Bronze


It is thought that the duck was a symbol of honesty, simplicity and resourcefulness. Read more

Post-Roman Vindolanda Research Report


Published February 2021 Vindolanda excavation research report which focuses on post-Roman Vindolanda. Written by Andrew Birley & Marta Alberti. Read more

Cotton Face Covering


Our reusable "face shield" design cotton face covering is exclusive to the Vindolanda Trust. Read more

Vindolanda Guide Book


By Andrew Birley - Updated in 2018 by Director of Excavations, the guide is an excellent overview of Roman Vindolanda Fort and Museum. Read more