The Frontiers of Imperial Rome


By David J. Breeze - At its height, the Roman Empire was the most powerful in the world, stretching from Scotland to the Nubian desert.  But how was it defined and defended? Read more

Living on the Edge of Empire - the objects and people of Hadrian's Wall


This collaborative and highly-illustrated volume showcases the artefacts recovered from archaeological investigations along Hadrian's Wall in order to examine the daily lives of those living along the Northern Frontier of the Roman Empire. Read more

Garrison Life at Vindolanda, a Band of Brothers


By Anthony Birley. This book brings together the people from the Vindolanda writing tablets with the archaeology of the site. Read more

Vindolanda – A Roman frontier fort on Hadrian’s Wall


By Robin Birley - This book follows Vindolanda throughout its many phases of occupation. It explores the everyday life of those who lived and worked on the site. Read more

Roman Imperial Artillery


From the manuscripts to the machines. Rediscovering the catapults of the Roman legions. Read more

Hadrian's Wall 2009-2019


A summary of the recent excavation and research prepared for the Fourteenth Pilgrimage of Hadrian's Wall, 2019. Read more

Hadrian's Wall


By David Breeze & Brian Dobson - A penetrating and lucid history of the best-known and most spectacular monument to the Roman Empire in Britain. New edition, published in 2000. Read more

Hadrian’s Wall – Everyday Life on a Roman Frontier


By Patricia Southern - This book tells the story of how the Wall was built and manned by Roman soldiers, what life was like on the frontier and what happened to it when the Romans left. Read more

Hadrian's High Way Book Set


A Journey through time. A 100-mile walk to and along the Roman Frontier from Ravenglass to Vindolanda. Books signed by the author Mark Richards. Read more

The Wall Rome's Greatest Frontier


By Alistair Moffat - This book explores who built Hadrian’s Wall, how and why it was built and how it affected the native peoples who lived in its mighty shadow. Read more



By Adrian Goldsworthy - AD 98, Vindolanda, A Fort on the Edge of the Roman World. A thrilling and engrossing novel by acclaimed historian. Published in 2017. Read more

Vindolanda - Extraordinary records of daily life on the Northern frontier


By Robin Birley - summary of the most important and significant finds from Vindolanda. Read more