Vindolanda MiniBlaze

We are delighted to have worked with our friends at The FirePit Company to create a bespoke Vindolanda MiniBlaze, based on the design of the stunning Vindolanda Fireball which they created for us in 2014 and is located in our museum gardens.

The cylindrical shaped table top fire pit is cut with Roman cursive script and has the Vindolanda horse logo in the base.  The MiniBlaze is powder coated black. Each MiniBlaze comes with a tin of MiniBlaze eco-fuel which lights quickly, developing a stunning flame (perfect for toasting marshmallows) and a snuffer for safely extinguishing the flame.  

The blaze fuel lasts for 4-5 hours and can be snuffed and relit multiple times.

Dimensions:17 x 17 x 20cm

Weight: 2kg

The FirePit Company have their own range of MiniBlaze but if you'd like this special Vindolanda edition it is only available from us!