These entertaining resources will help you learn a little bit about Roman life at Vindolanda and Magna. Please share your successes with us on our social media and if there is anything you would like to see here - let us know! Scroll down to see all the fun activities. Where possible we have offered a printer friendly version in Grayscale if you need to print a worksheet off. If you have an interactive tablet you may be able to complete some of these without doing so.

All are PDFs and come with an answers page so you can check your work.


 Download Spot the Difference  Download Roman Honey Cake Recipe


Download Writing Tablet Mystery

 Printer Friendly WT Mystery Download

Download Writing Tablet Mystery Challenge 2

Printer Friendly WT Mystery Challenge 2 Download

Download Latin Wordsearch & Answers

Printer Friendly Latin Wordsearch


   Download Stratigraphy Wordsearch     

Stratigraphy Wordsearch Printer Friendly 

Vindolanda Crossword Wall Printer Friendly Download

Vindolanda Crossword Wall Answers


Roman Numeral Hopscotch Download

 Roman Numeral Bingo Download


Printer Friendly Roman Sudoku 

Download Roman Numeral Sudoku

Roman Numeral Target Practice


Roman Numeral Twister

Minerva Dot-to-Dot Download

Minerva Challenges Download

Jupiter Paint by Numerals Downloads

Easy - Instructions and Challenges

Easy - Printer Friendly Colouring Page

Hard - Instructions and Challenges

Hard - Printer Friendly Colouring Page

Check out our Roman Numeral Pencil case and stationary in the shop. they are great aids for helping you to learn your Roman numerals.


  Download Auxiliary Colouring in   Download Legionary Colouring in

 Download Archaeology Colouring in

Visit our Crafty Creations page to find fun ideas for some Roman crafts.

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