There are an abundance of great castles in Northumberland, many of which you can visit such as Alnwick Castle (and don't miss Alnwick Gardens while you are there), the magnificent Bamburgh Castle (pictured in the header image above) or Chillingham Castle which claims to be Britain's most haunted!

Many of Northumberland's finest castles are located along the East coast where you will also find spectacular beaches. It takes just under an hour to drive from Vindolanda to the East coast.  

Some of the regions castles are perhaps not as grand but nevertheless still very interesting. Just a stones throw away from our Roman Army Museum you will find the ruins of Thirlwall Castle.  This 12th Century castle was built largely of Roman stone from the fort at Magna (Carvoran). Northumberland National Park have a suggested walking route from Walltown to the castle.

With a rich history, enchanting culture and diverse terrain that includes dramatic seaside landscapes, expansive coastal plains, and rugged upland areas, Northumberland is the perfect place to set out on an incredible walking adventure. Here are some of the best walks in Northumberland National Park.

Wooler and Ad Gefrin.

In the heart of Northumberland you will find Ad Gefrin (Ad Gefrin, literally translated as "at the hill of the goats", which lies at the foot of Yeavering Bell in the Northumberland National Park, was the Royal Township of the 7th Century Anglo Saxon kings of Northumbria) Northumberland's first whisky distillery and Anglo-Saxon museum, bistro and gift shop. If you have enjoyed the post-Roman story at Vindolanda then a trip to Ad Gefrin is a must. 

Entrance atrium at Ad Gefrin

                                                         Entrance atrium at Ad Gefrin