As the Vindolanda Trust heads into its 51st year not only are we looking back over the last 51 years of excavation and research, we are also looking to the future. You have an opportunity to be at the fore front of ground breaking research and excavation of the fascinating site, Magna Roman Fort. You can help protect the history of Magna by donating to our appeal today!

A unique Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall, under the care of the Vindolanda Trust, holds some of the keys to understanding the biggest questions about the people of the Roman frontier. Magna has it all and includes half a milecastle, part of Hadrian’s Wall, the Vallum ditch, a large town, rubbish dumps and pits, cemeteries and the fort itself. It’s the junction point between three Roman roads, the Military Way, the Stanegate and the Maiden Way. The site covers an area larger than Vindolanda and has the same preservation layers of organic remains and it is now under threat from climate change.

Over half the fort and town sits on a marshy peat bog which is now drying out and the organic remains that were once safely locked away in the oxygen free or waterlogged ditches and marsh are threatened with destruction. When this happens deeply buried wooden, leather and textile artefacts will be lost forever. Acting now you can make a difference to the history of Magna, preserving artefacts and knowledge that will otherwise be lost.

Your donations will make a difference as we work towards these goals:

£2,000 You will help pay for the Vindolanda Trust to continue its detailed aerial survey of the site and environmental monitoring for the next two years. TARGET REACHED

£10,000 You will help pay for a detailed geophysical survey of the fort, vallum and town. TARGET REACHED

£30,000 You allow the Vindolanda Trust to conduct a small-scale control research excavation, for 4 weeks to test the archaeological conditions in different parts of the site.  TARGET REACHED

£50,000 You will give the Trust a platform for a larger scale 8-week excavation and assessment of the remains which will be used to build the foundation towards a long-term research plan for Magna. TARGET AIMED FOR

£100,000 You enable the Trust to run a two-year research excavation and look at the environmental and preservation threats to different parts of the site and learn more about the ancient people of Magna. The organic finds from the site will need to be rescued and carefully preserved and conserved in our specialist laboratory.

You can help support our cause by donating to this appeal. When you donate leave a comment and tell us what you are most excited about for this project; protecting the site from climate change or revealing the history of Magna!

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January 2021 Update.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this appeal, you have made a difference and we are starting to put a plan together based on the current goals. At the moment you have managed to exceed the third target and raise more than £30,000. This means that in the next two years the Trust will plan to conduct a 4 week excavation at Magna.

Before any such excavation takes place we need to monitor the ground conditions at the site so we can best target any intervention and future research. By passing the £10,000 target this will now include a geophysical survey and other intensive survey techniques. 

As the project develops we will share progress reports with you via the Vindolanda Trusts website. 

A 4 week excavation is great, but can we reach the target of £50,000 and enable a much more robust 8 week season or a longer-term project goal with all the opportunities for particiaption that this would have? We will try to. Thank you again for your support and encouragement and take very good care of yourselves for the start of 2021.

Dr Andrew Birley, CEO and Director of Excavations, The Vindolanda Trust