I first came to Vindolanda as a visitor, leaning on the dig fence asking if anything interesting had been found today. A digger explained about novices being welcome and being ready to sign up at noon on 1 st Nov. I got both a dig place and one at Hedley centre. I've only dug for 5 years, but I've been lucky enough to be staying at Hedley when Marcel found the gold coin and again for one of the cavalry swords. At some point I'll try post-excavation too.

My fundraising takes the form of a multi-day walk across the Lake District. Starting Hadrians Highway from Ravenglass on 28th June (based on Mark Richard's book 1 route to Penrith) - the first couple of days stay below 1500 ft but the 4th day goes over 2500 on High Street. My objective will be Askham a total of 45 miles, staying in youth hostels for 3 night & involving pubs for recovery!

As well as following large sections of Roman road, I will pass 3 roman forts - Glannoventa, Hard Knott and Ambleside (Galava?), a Roman limekiln site and a possible Roman quarry! Mary Eld