Andy and I are 2 nurses with 50-some years of re-enactment (mostly Roman) behind us. We have, over the years, developed a close relationship with Vindolanda. We were inspired by the Vespa ride last year (Vindolanda via Britannia) and plan to do a similar trip to raise funds for the Revealing Magna Appeal.

We were initially (in 2020) going to have a run down the Rhine and part of the Danube but due to the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions and the difficulties of visiting different countries with different rules we have had to postpone again.
Unfortunately the situation at Vindolanda's "other" fort, Magna, has not changed. The fort at Magna sits on a marshy bog which is now, due to climate change, drying out and so placing the remains under threat. This threat grows with each passing year.

Our aim remains unchanged - to raise funds for the Revealing Magna Appeal run by The Vindolanda Trust. So we've come up with an alternative!

The MAGNA CHARITY RIDE - still on the Vespas, along Hadrian's Wall, up to the Antonine Wall, then following the line of forts and camps along the east coast of Scotland, up to possible sites near Inverness and back via Newstead. It will be approximately 1,000 miles, to be completed 9th to 16th August 2021. We will be providing daily updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages (search for Vindolanda Via Limes).

Please support us and The Vindolanda Trust as we raise funds for this cause.

John Hindle