8th April 2024 - 28th June 2024

The excavations are back for 2024 - the archaeologists and their teams of volunteers will be out Mon - Fri weather permitting. See history as it is uncovered.

This year's excavations start a new research project for 2024 - 2028 at Roman Vindolanda called Castrum, Latin for Fort. The project focuses on the last remaining turfed area within the boundaries of the last stone fort at Vindolanda: the north-eastern quadrant and a section of the eastern ditch, immediately beyond the fort walls. Another focus is bringing together evidence from excavations spanning two centuries. The north-eastern quadrant has been partially explored before by Anthony Hedley in the 1830’s, Eric, Patricia and Robin Birley all explored sections between 1929 and 1997 and Paul Bidwell uncovered evidence for 3rd and 4th century infantry barracks in the northernmost part of the quadrant.

Excavation Break: 1st July - 26th August:

There will be no excavation at Vindolanda Roman Fort between these dates but Magna Roman Fort Excavations at the Roman Army Museum will continue throughout the summer. You can find out about visiting the excavations there.

26th August - 20th September 2024

The excavations will return at Vindolanda Roman Fort after the summer break and continue to excavate the north-eastern quadrant of the fort. The archaeologists and their teams of volunteers will be out Mon - Fri weather permitting. 

You may ask questions (in fact its encouraged) but please remember to respect the boundaries of the excavations.