What was it like to live at Vindolanda when the Romans were here? What did they wear? Eat? Do for fun? Did they go to parties? Join Lady Lepidina and Tagomas Vexillarius in the Vindolanda Adventure online game to help to answer these questions.

Vindolanda Adventure

Sulpicia Lepidina and Tagomas Vexillarius were real people that lived at Vindolanda. Lepidina was the commanding officer’s wife in c. AD 100-105. The unit her husband was associated with was the 9th Cohort of Batavians (modern Netherlands). Tagomas was the standard-bearer (vexillarius) to the Vardulli cavalry (from northern Spain) who were stationed at the fort c 105-118. We know about them from writing tablets that were found on the site including one which invites Lepidina to Claudia Severa’s birthday party on September 11th. Through this game, learn about Lepidina’s life and train with Tagomas to collect the presents for the party.

Players of the game will also be able to visit the archive where there are links to FACT FILE blogs, activities and more information about Vindolanda and the development of digital historical games.

Find out more about the partnership and the making of Vindolanda Adventure in this YouTube video. 

(Although Lepidina and Tagomas were real characters from Vindolanda, the events portrayed in the game are fictional).


Vindolanda Adventure is a partnership project with the Vindolanda Trust, Newcastle University and Creative Assembly and was funded by Art Fund.

Game Design by Isaiah Agbandje

Creative Assembly Mentors

Luke Holmes – Design

Alessio Ambrosj – Programmer

Environment Artwork – Andrew Oakley

Original artwork - Mark Hoyle