Sons were encouraged to follow their fathers into the Roman Army and playing with toy swords would have been a popular pastime.  This oak toy sword was found in 2017 in the living quarters of the cavalry barracks.   It would have been played with around 120 A.D.

Digging up memories and making connections 

It’s very relatable to how my children play now’.  Sammy describes why the toy sword is her favourite object.  How much time were Roman children able to devote to play?

Rhys’s memories paint a picture of mucking about with swords in his childhood and how he relates this to Roman play.   

Further information

A successful year - Barrack excavation 2017

by Andrew Birley (CEO) and Gary Calland (Trustee)

‘What on earth was going on?’  Andrew and Gary have a conversation about one particular dig in the living quarters of a Roman cavalry barrack.  Why were seemingly important artefacts left behind? Find out more about the year Gary found the toy sword.

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