On this page you will find helpful information for:

Before your visit - Choosing a theme(s) and preparing the children.

On the day - Information to bring with you or to know for the day of your visit.

After your visit - Resources for in the classroom and giving feedback.

Before your Visit

Choose your theme

Download and print any of our free curriculum-based worksheets to aid your visit, Choose from Roman War MachineThings we share and What did the Romans do for us?

Inforgraphic of 3 themes for educators to choose from when visiting our sites.  1. Roman War Machine - The army and its impact on native communities. 2. Things We Share - Romand and Modern Comparison. 3. What have the Romans done for us? - Romes last

Session Plans

We have developed suggested session plans for each theme as well as for each venue. 

Roman Army Museum, Roman War Machine

Vindolanda, Roman War Machine

Roman Army Museum, Things we share

Vindolanda, Things we share

Roman Army Museum, What did the Romans do for us?

Vindolanda, What did the Romans do for us?

Pre visits and Risk Assessments

We encourage all teacher to come to the site on a pre visit. Vouchers can be organised after your booking is made. We all provide a Hazard Analysis sheet.  It is not a risk assessment but will aid the group leader in the completion of one, which should be completed during their preliminary visit. It is the responsibility of the group leader to monitor the behaviour and safety of their group at all times. Contact the nearest member of museum staff in case of an accident/emergency.

Hazard Analysis Sheet

Preparing the Children

As Vindolanda is an active excavation site, the terrain underfoot can be slightly rocky. The fort is on an exposed, outdoor site, so visitors should be appropriately dressed for the weather (waterproof clothing or sun cream). There is also a steep hill leading from the main excavation site down to the museum, so we advise all of our visitors to wear sturdy footwear. The Roman Army Museum is all indoors and some of the galleries are dark and there are full scale mannequins. Audio presentations have audio loops for the hard of hearing. The children can watch a promotional video on our YouTube channel to help them understand what they will see on the day.

On the day

Current covid restrictions

Opening times at Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum

Getting to the sites

Resources to use on the day

We have also developed a theme related teachers mini guide for the day. These include warm up activities, maps, answers and extra activities to do while at the Roman Army Museum or Vindolanda. These guides are included in the full packs but can also be individually downloaded here.


Teacher's Mini Guide, Roman War Machine


Teacher's Mini Guide, Things we share


Teacher's Mini Guide, What did the Romans do for us?

Additional resources

Once you have chosen your theme you can download either the worksheets only or the full packs for each theme. In addition to the pack to use on our sites we have also developed the Missing Dead app to be played on site at Vindolanda, Walk the Wall: Walltown Craggs and more on our additional resources page. 

Suggested Visit Length

For a visit to Roman Vindolanda we suggest about 2 hours and for the Roman Army Museum we suggest at least 1.5 hours. At both sites you can spend more time should your schedule allow. Please see our suggested timetable.

Visitor Facilities

Visitor facilities at both sites include cafes, gift shops, toilets, picnic areas, and free parking. 

Access information

Roman Vindolanda

Roman Army Museum

Code of Conduct while at our sites

We ask all visitors to our sites to follow a few simple rules. We ask:

  1. If you can, organize the children into smaller groups.
  2. You to ask the children to be aware and respectful of other visitors. They are enjoying their visit too.
  3. That children are supervised at all times while on sites and in museums.
  4. If taking photographs, that you/the children do not use flash as this is disruptive to other visitors and can be damaging to objects.
Don’t forget to plan time for the museum shop.

We welcome school children into our shops to purchase souvenirs of their visits. This gives the children an excellent time to try out their money using skills. It helps to make it the best possible experience if they can use the shop in small groups. We also offer pre purchased goody bags.

Lunch options

We welcome students to bring pack lunches. Where to eat lunch?

Book Your visit

Ready to book your visit fill in our booking request form below. If your dates are available you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. If you would like to check availability or discuss any aspects of your visit you can call and speak to a member of our staff on 01434 344 277.

Booking Request Form

After your Visit

Classroom review

We offer a downloadable PowerPoint which can be used in the classroom to reinforce the learning which has taken place during your visit.

In the Classroom

You can access a number of fun games and activities which can be used across the curriculum including math games, art projects and literacy puzzles which can be used in the classroom. We also have a number of short video clips, kids blogs and FAQ which the children might want to access to back up their learning in the classroom

In the Classroom

Tell us how we did?

We will email you an evaluation form after your visit. We ask if you would kindly fill this in for us as we work very hard to make sure your school is getting the best visit possible and would really appreciate your feedback.

More information

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