We have a long tradition of welcoming schools to both of our sites, Roman Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. Both are situated in the central section of Hadrian's Wall.

Here we have some ideas and curriculum support for an interesting and informative day out.  If you need or want to add to your visit or create a bespoke package for your visit to our wonderful attractions please get in touch with us directly. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Roman Army Museum is equipped with the superb 3D film 'Edge of Empire' which rebuilds Hadrian's Wall before your eyes. It is the perfect way to start your visit to the World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall and is just a 15 minute walk from the highest standing section of Hadrian's Wall. The museum also has a virtual Latin lesson from our holographic Roman teacher, and is a great introduction to the language of Latin. The Roman Army Museum is an indoor venue and carefully designed to be accessible, so you can guarantee that whatever the weather or mobility of your group, you will have a great experience.

The other exhibits give you a feel of what it was like to be a soldier serving on the frontier of the Empire, and the museum houses a collection of Roman artefacts which include unique items such as the only surviving helmet crest from the Roman Empire. 

Visit the Roman Army Museum to find out:

  • If you would have joined the Roman Army
  • about life on the frontier and its diverse communities
  • what Hadrian's Wall looked like almost 2000 years ago in an amazing 3D film
  • about unique Roman artefacts from the frontier

At Vindolanda site and museum you can take advantage of the free site talks. If you school group has 15 or more children, you automatically qualify for a free archaeological talk. This is a 20-minute introduction to our site. The talk will be delivered inside one of the Roman building remains on the site (weather permitting) and will include the history of the site, its relationship to Hadrian’s Wall, the building remains, the excavations and what we find. The talk is interactive, and the group get to have a closer look at some of the artefacts we find as well as getting them to think like an archaeologist. There will be time for questions at the end. 

Between April and September the Vindolanda excavations continue with live archaeology taking place. Here you can watch the site being carefully uncovered and witness some of the remarkable  discoveries as they happen before your own eyes. 

Visit Vindolanda and see:

  • An award winning museum and Designated collection of national importance
  • Live archaeological excavations (April through to September)
  • Constantly changing exhibitions and incredible preservation
  • The home of Britain's top Roman treasure, the Vindolanda Writing tablets
  • An incredibly well preserved Roman fort and town

Once you have made your visit with us you can see what happens next by keeping up to date with the museums and excavations and events through our website, social media and YouTube channel. Your visit and the resources that go with it don’t have to stop when you leave us!

Group Visit information post July 2020 –

 We look forward to welcoming groups back to both Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum and have made several adjustments to our sites in order to comply with new recommendations.

As well as the general adjustments, the following changes will apply to group visits up to April 2021.   

  • We can offer an educational talk at Vindolanda, maximum numbers for the group will be 35 to ensure social distancing, therefore larger groups will require additional talks.
  • The Education room and 3D film theatre are open with reduced capacity - 14 in the Education room and 25 in the film theatre.
  • Both Museums are operating on a pre-booking system for visitors to control capacity, we will reduce available capacity for general visitors during your visit. Therefore payment for your visit is required prior to visit and will be non-refundable.
  • Time slots for visits are non-changeable due to the booking system.
  • Group leaders are responsible for ensuring that all members of their party adhere to the social distancing recommendations.

2020-2021 School Group Prices -

Visit to Vindolanda Fort & Museum - £4.25 per child

Visit to Roman Army Museum - £3.25 per child

Visit to both Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum - £6.00 per child 

* Note - 1 Free adult place per 10 Children.

Familiarisation Visits - Once you have booked your trip we recommend you visit our sites before the day to ensure you are confident on how to get to us, and what both the sites of Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum are like in order to plan your day and complete your risk assessment. Tick yes on the booking form to get your pre-visit voucher.

Teachers’ packs - A KS2 and KS3 Teacher’s pack can be purchased which is an excellent resource to use during your visit if you are wanting the group to carry out lots of different activities. There is also a lot of great pre and post visit activities and lesson ideas to increase children’s knowledge of history, Hadrian’s Wall, Roman Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. Add one to your booking form.

Downloadable Resources - Free downloadable resources can be used during your visit to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. They are aged 7-8, 9-11 and 11+ years. Their aim is to give some structure to the self-led part of your visit. 

Packed lunches - Packed lunches can be pre-ordered using the booking sheet. They include a sandwich, crisps, biscuit and a bottle of water. These can also be added to your booking form.

Gift packs - We offer the option for you to pre-order gift packs to save time at the shop on the day of your visit. There are 6 options available depending on the amount the children have to spend. Please add these on to the booking form.

Item Photo Price
A. Hologram Notebook & Pencil £1.95 each
B. Hadrian Aureus Coin £1.99 each
C. Roman Numberals Gift Pack 1 (pencil, ruler & eraser) £2.25 each
D. Soldier Gift Pack (topper pencil, soldier eraser & denarius coin) £3.50 each
E. Roman Numerals Gift Pack 2 (pencil, ruler, eraser & notepad) £4.75 each
F. Roman Numerals Gift Pack 3 (pencil, pencil case, eraser & ruler) £4.99 each