Having initially taught in state schools, I joined the Vindolanda Charitable Trust in the 1970’s as a museum curator and artefact conservator, including the Vindolanda Writing Tablets. I subsequently, after acquiring business and finance management skills, became the Trust’s Deputy Director in 1980. In this capacity I assisted with, and then project managed numerous Vindolanda projects with Robin Birley, the Trust’s Director. This included the foundation and development of the Roman Army Museum at Carvoran on Hadrian’s Wall. 

In 2001 succeeded Robin Birley as the Trust’s Director and took responsibility for the administration, compliance and strategic development of the Trust. I successfully applied for external funding and managed several major Vindolanda projects, including a £6.3 million HLF/ RDA funded building and refurbishment development covering the Trust’s two archaeological sites and museums, until my retirement as Director in 2015.

I have previously served my local community over many years as a town councillor, a representative on various sub committees, a Chair of School Governors, a Chair of an LEA Education Appeals Panel and as the Chair of the Northumberland Lord Lieutenant’s Advisory Committee.

I remain a Deputy Lieutenant and currently serve the Vindolanda Trust as the Chair of its Impact and Development Advisory Committee.