Some of the objects from Vindolanda can be traced back to where they were made. This can be done by researching the object and working with other museums around the empire. By looking at the map above you can see the following objects and where they came from.

  1. Decorated lady’s slipper, France
  2. Glass cup with gladiators, Cologne, Germany
  3. Bronze stamped stud, Besançon, France
  4. Wine amphora, Rhône, France
  5. Inscribed mirror fame, Arles, France
  6. Samian bowl, Millau, France
  7. Amber beads, The Baltic.


We also know some objects did not travel as far and were made in Britain like the jet which was probably from the area around York (marked with its Roman name Eburacum on the map). Here is the jet betrothal medallion. It shows a kissing couple on one side and the clasped hands on the other. 

Some objects travelled a long way like this little pepper pot. The pot was probably made in northern Italy in a boxwood workshop (most of the boxwood from Vindolanda was probably imported from the same area) but the pepper would have come all the way from the eastern Mediterranean or possibly even further way.