The perfect place to start your Hadrian's Wall adventure.

There is nowhere else like it!

The Roman Army Museum, which is situated next to one of the most complete sections of Hadrian’s Wall and based at the site of Magna Roman Fort, uses stunning real 3D technology in a specially designed film theatre and interactive displays enable visitors to understand what life was like for soldiers on this northern frontier. This accessible museum has its own Latin classroom with a teacher who emerges from the past via a hologram to give an entertaining lesson in maths and morals.  The museum also houses unique Roman artefacts such as the only surviving Roman helmet crest and a set of four hipposandals (Roman horse shoes).

Immerse Yourself!

In 20 rich immersive minutes you will soar like an eagle across the majestic Northumberland landscape, over Hadrian’s Wall and through a thousand years of history. See for yourself in incredible 3D detail what life was like on the wall for our ambitious soldier ‘Aquila’, what it took to rise through the ranks and why many didn’t make it! Battle and boredom - an intoxicating mix of emotions for those tasked with defending Hadrian’s honour!

Back to school - Roman Style

Our fabulous education room is an action packed Roman classroom where you can interact with our Roman teacher Velius Longus who will emerge from the past, via a hologram, complete with his remarkable magic blackboard and give an entertaining lesson where you will learn Latin, maths and morals!

During term time the room can be booked as part of an education visit to the Roman Army Museum.  If you are interested in bringing a school group to the museum take a look at our excellent education offer.