Our guided tours are given by our amazing volunteer guides, they all run from the Westgate (main visitors entrance) in the courtyard. The tours will take you through some of the highlights of the site remains as well as update you on this years excavations.

There are 2 types of tour that run at Vindolanda:

The Introduction to Vindolanda Tour -30 mins

An introductional short guide to vindolanda where buildings and sites of importance are outlined for the visitors. Encouraging further exploration. A tour suitable for those with limited visiting time, restriction in movement or those who have younger children with them.

The Vindolanda Tour - 45 minutes

A guided walking tour around Vindolanda with more detailed briefings on important buildings, sites and historical background and events.

We welcome adults and children on all of our tours.

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Download a timetable for the month(s) you wish to visit to see more details about dates and times of tours.

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