Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 please note we have no post-excavation taking place now in 2020. The 2021 places have been filled by those defering from 2020. 

What is involved in post excavation?

Each year the excavation are supported by a dedicated post-excavation volunteer team who process the material from the dig. There are up to four places available for each two week session throughout the year

Pottery team

Work will include washing, sorting, and categorising pottery, iron, bone, glass and building materials. The pottery you will be working with will include Samian, Amphora, Mortaria, Black Burnished and other course and fine wares.

Mortaria pottery from the post-excavation 

Animal bone team

Work will include washing, sorting, and categorising animal bone. The animal bone you will mainly be working with will include horse, cow, sheep/goat, deer, pig, cat and dog.

A cow mandible from the site after processing.

What you need for post excavation


Layers of clothing (t-shirt, jumper/fleece, comfortable trousers, hat (wooly hat and sun hat)/ Sturdy footwear for walking around site/ Waterproof jacket


Sun cream/ Insect repellant

Food and drink

Water bottle/ Packed lunch or money to buy your lunch at the cafe

Accommodation options

There is a large amount of accommodation in the local area. You can stay with us on site at our 5 star cottage or book in with a local provider.