THANK YOU! We are overwhelmed with the generosity of our supporters. 20 much needed new wheelbarrows are on their way to Vindolanda. 

We are looking for generous people to help support our excavation season at Vindolanda by 'buying us a barrow'. 

Wheelbarrows are an essential part of our excavation toolkit at Vindolanda. Every year they make thousands of journeys filled with earth, stone and rocks from our excavation areas to the spoil heaps. We also use the barrows to help transport bulk finds to our excavation centre and to our on site lab.

The current fleet are worn out, literally. Although we regularly repair the barrows with new tyres a significant number are beyond repair and suffering from metal fatigue.

Each new barrow costs c.£100.00 (you can buy cheaper barrows, but they don't last and just can't cope with the volume of material we move). In total we are looking to replace 20 of our fleet and are therefore trying to raise £2,000 to cover the costs. 

Every person who helps us to buy the barrows will be acknowledged in a special thank you board at our excavation trench.