The Roman Army Museum is equipped with the superb 3D film 'Edge of Empire' which rebuilds Hadrian's Wall before your eyes. It is the perfect way to start your visit to the World Heritage Site. The Museum also has a virtual Latin lesson in our Roman classroom, this is engaging for all ages and abilities and sets you on your journey with your first taste of Latin. The Roman Army Museum is an indoor venue and carefully designed to be accessible to all abilities and ages so you can guarantee that whatever the weather, or mobility of your group, you will have a great experience.

The other exhibits give you a feel on what it was like to be a soldier serving on the frontier of the Empire, and the museum houses a collection of Roman artefacts which include unique items such as the only surviving helmet crest from the Roman Empire. 

Visit the Roman Army Museum to find out more about:

  • If you could or would like to have joined the Roman Army
  • To learn about life on the frontier and its diverse communities
  • To see what Hadrian's Wall looked like almost 2000 years ago in an amazing 3D film
  • To see unique Roman artefacts from the frontier
  • To be close to the highest standing section of Hadrian's Wall (15 minute walk from the museum)
  • Start your journey of discovery on the Frontier of Roman Britain

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