Andy & John

We are John and Andy, huge Roman fanatics and have been involved with Roman reenactment for years, including many displays at Vindolanda. Through reenactment John and myself have been involved with the Vindolanda Trust for quite a number of years and have been lucky enough to see many truly unique and extremely rare finds being uncovered. We heard about the Magna Roman fort site facing threats from climate change as the waterlogged conditions on site dry up and the irreparable damage it will suffer if intervention isn't carried out. We want to help to support the cause and raise awareness and funds to protect this amazing site so that we don't lose this piece of history.

We were inspired by Andrew and Gary's Vindolanda Via Roma decided to create our own Vespa journey through Europe to conincide with theirs and Vindolanda Via Limes was born. John and I are planning to ride from Vindolanda along the Germanic limes frontier to Vienna and back. I have been a scooter enthusiast since the 70's when the Mod culture was at it's height. This will be a great excuse to get back on the road and really put some miles onto my Vespa. John has ridden motorcycles before but has never had a scooter and didn't when decided to go ahead with this crazy idea. John is happy to be getting back onto two wheels again and very pleased that his wife said yes! Over the next few months we'll both be reminding ourselves of the joys of 2 wheel drive and getting in lots of practice for the summer when we set off on our epic journey.

Inspired by Vindolanda Via Roma we wanted to put our own spin on this journey and heading to visit another iconic frontier of the Roman Empire seemed the way to do it. This route also takes us past the  many sites an reconstructions that have been on both of our bucket lists for a long time. We hope that we can encourage the large scooter community in Germany to join us for sections of the trip and come out to cheer us and of course Andrew and Gary along.

Joining us on the trip will be our wives Mary and Becky who decided we weren't safe to be let lose in Europe on our own and will be our support unit along with John and Mary's son Leo and their dog Brutus. They will be there to keep us travelling in the right direction and to support us on the long days of travel ahead.

This expedition will hopefully not only raise funds for excavation and research at Magna Roman fort but also raise awareness of the amazing archaeological sites that the Vindolanda Trust has in it's care. Both Vindolanda and Magna deserve to be protected for visitors not just from across the Roman Empire but the world. The site at Magna has so much potential we are happy that we can help to support this amazing Revealing Magna Appeal.

This cause is one we are passionate about and one that is urgent we hope you will donate and show your support to this amazing charity. Every penny you donate to this fundraiser will go directly to the appeal and be put to good use at Magna.

We'll be wearing these great badges made by Becky so keep your eyes open for us along the way.

Andy & John