Update 29/08/2020 - Having finished my walk after 6 days and experiencing the Northumberland Summer in all forms, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed towards the Vindolanda Survival Appeal so far.
However, the Appeal is not yet over, and the Trust is continuing to fundraise for the survival of this amazing site. Any further contributions towards this fundraiser will be greatly appreciated.

My name is Alex and I'm seeking sponsors for my Vindolanda Wall Walk MMXX.

As an archaeology student at York University, the cancellation of all excavations in 2020 has left myself with a lot of spare time over the summer which would have usually been devoted to sitting in a hole in the ground somewhere in Northumberland. 2020 would have been my fourth year in a row digging at Vindolanda making it a large part of my life as an archaeologist.

Vindolanda Roman Fort and Hadrian’s Wall attract excavators like myself from around the world every year. This is partly due to the chance to dig on a unique UNESCO World heritage site, but mainly due to the ground-breaking discoveries unearthed every year which help to further our understanding of the Roman frontier system on the outskirts of the empire. These include the ‘Vindolanda tablets’, handwritten documents inscribed on wood nearly 2000 years ago, voted Britain’s ‘top treasure’ by The British Museum in 2003.

Vindolanda is run by a charitable trust and receives no regular government funding and is therefore dependent on income from visitors to the site and museums. With the outbreak of Covid-19, excavations have been cancelled and most of the visitor income has been lost. The Trust needs to raise £100,000 through their Survival Appeal in order to continue its fantastic work in the future and give me the chance to roll around in mud like a pig in . . . So, I want to help.

The plan is to accompany my dog Elsa walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall, a total of 80 Roman Miles (73 modern miles), stopping at a few pubs along the way, in an attempt to raise money for the Vindolanda Trust Survival Appeal. I will aim to do this within a week starting late August and will update you as I go.

               Alex Andrews