‘Bringing some of the best that the Roman Army had to offer to Britain to celebrate the 1900th anniversary of the building of Hadrian’s Wall.’


A new ‘wow’ display has just opened at the Roman Army Museum with the temporary loan of some of the most sensationally well-preserved Roman army equipment from a private collector to celebrate the 1900th anniversary of the building of Hadrian’s Wall. Items on show include copper-alloy infantry and cavalry cheek pieces, a face mask and helmet visor, statuettes of the Roman god of war, Mars and a complete copper alloy helmet with the owner’s name inscribed on it dating from the 1st century AD.  Although heralding from other sites across the various frontiers and lands of the Roman Empire these uniquely preserved ancient artefacts truly leave a spine tingling impression of what was available and worn daily by the soldiers who were building Hadrian’s Wall. This display shows off some of the incredible craftsmanship and detail of the items they wore. The soldiers were quite literally ‘dressed to kill’.

Over 60 objects are on loan to the museum which also includes a military diploma bestowing Roman Citizenship to LONGINVS SESTIVS who served as a member of a unit of Syrian archers and who were later stationed at Magna, the fort next to the Roman Army Museum.

You can order a copy of the exhibition booklet here.