Marcus (or to give him his full name Marcus Pergamus Iustus) is a Medicus with Legio XIIII. As one would expect for a Medicus serving with the Roman Army, he has a wide range of surgical equipment and other health-care related items to show.


Marcus will bring a new level of understanding to what it would have been like to be a Medicus during the Roman Empire. Whilst also giving a modern perspective on ‘What the Roman’s did for us’ in terms of the development of modern medical practice. Join him at the Roman Army Museum to learn all about Roman Battlefield Medicine what injuries could Roman medics deal with and which treatments were the most successful.

In modern life Marcus is otherwise known as Dr Andrew Newton, who is a retired NHS Emergency Medicine Consultant. Combining the clinical experience of a life time of medical practice (including managing battle-field trauma whilst on active service) with a fascination for the history of medicine allows ‘Andrew’ to bring some fascinating insights into the life and times of ‘Marcus’.

There will also be an activity sheet to use on site at Roman Vindolanda if you have purchased a Saver Ticket and online activities to carry on the learning at home!

Andrew is a member of the Roman Military Research Society.

This event is suitable for all ages and is free with admission to the site.