11th February - 31st March at Roman Vindolanda

“Health is a kind of balance”. Galen’s health advice couldn’t be more topical. Haltwhistle’s Zigzag Days have picked health promoting Roman objects and curated a case at Vindolanda Museum.

The community group Zigzag Days researched health and disability in Roman times asking the question 'how would I have fared'. Zigzag Days, a Haltwhistle Partnership initiative, is a support group for vulnerable adults living around Haltwhistle. 

For this project they worked to investigate the 'finds' stores at Vindolanda, visit sites on Hadrian’s Wall, spoken to specialists, and undertook independent research. With Vindolanda's support the group developed two displays, one display case at Vindolanda and a 2D banner exhibition, which is travelling along venues on Hadrian’s Wall and is now in Vindolanda’s Activity Centre.

People in front of new display at Vindolanda

Listen to the Zig Zag Days group explain the project in their own words below: