The 2021 Vindolanda Excavations

The Vindolanda excavations begin again on 29th March. The team are excited to get back in the trenches and welcome back local volunteers to the site with more joining as the season progresses. Marta Alberti gives us a snapshot of where the excavations are and what they hope to achieve this year. Read more

Scanning Samian pottery during lockdown

The Arch-I-Scan project team visited Vindolanda in November 2020 to spend 3 weeks scanning our Samian pottery. Find out more about the project in this Guest Blog. Read more

Digitising Vindolanda's Wooden Collection

Meet our Digitisation Project Officer Anneke and find out more about the project. Read more

Skeleton Tales: Stories from the dead

Forensic Anthropologist, Dr Trudi Buck shares her unique perspective on the Vindolanda collection, the human remains. What can they tell us about our Roman past? Read more

Ancient Parasites at Vindolanda

This is a guest blog written by Patrik G. Flammer and Marissa L. Ledger specialists who have been working closely with the Vindolanda Trust analysing samples from the site, looking more closely at the parasites that can be found and what they tell us about the life, diet and hygiene of the Romans living at Vindolanda. Read more