Water at Vindolanda

A closer look at the journey water takes through the site at Vindolanda and how it was used by the Romans at Vindolanda and how that affects the archaeology and artefacts we find today. Read more

The Praetorium

Director of Excavations Andrew Birley takes us through the fascinating history of the grandest house at Vindolanda and what some of the amazing discoveries that have come from it tell us about the people who lived there. Read more

2019 Recent Finds

Every year we display the best of the recent finds from the last season in our recent finds case. Find out what made the cut for the exhibition in 2019. Read more

Vindolanda's Wooden Combs

Vindolanda has a vast collection of wooden artefacts and we take a closer look here at some small but important pieces - the hair combs. These were used not only to comb hair but as an key tool for managing lice. Read more

Zoomorphic Brooches

Vindolanda Curator Barbara Birley takes a closer look at Zoomorphic brooches in this video blog, highlighting some of the objects in the reserve collection. Read more

An ancient leather mouse

The Trust's Curator Barbara Birley gives us a closer look at Vindolanda's latest discovery, which has until recently been hidden in the vast reserve collection of Roman leather from excavations at the site. Read more