Published: 19/05/2020


I saw your Global Vindolanda initiative and wanted to point you towards a fun project I did a couple years ago. Using an early-access videogame software, I was putting together a full 3rd C Vindolanda + vicus, and I made a YouTube of the progress.  The video starts from the western edge of the vicus looking east, travels along the road with the western industrial buildings found in 2004-2006, pans across the residential & commercial sections, and only at the end reveals & flies over the fort itself. The whole point being that the vicus was such a large & thriving community on its own, even though it existed because of the fort.

All of the fort & vicus buildings are based off of the published plans & reports (2003-4, 2005-6, Andy's dissertation, and Justin's big 2007-2013 wrapup, plus earlier ones like Robin's 1976 interim report etc.)

Unfortunately shortly after I made this video, the developers updated the software, broke an awful lot of "stuff" in it, and then eventually abandoned the game. So it's a dead-end project now. But it was a lot of fun (and work) and I would love to see it get a little wider play.