Date Published: 13/05/2020

Veryan was appointed as a Trustee Director of Vindolanda Trust in April 2016 and is currently a member of the Staffing Committee for the Trust. Veryan is an experienced HR Director.  She is also a Trustee for Hadrian Learning Trust and Newcastle University Development Trust. Veryan remembers a childhood spent around many Roman remains and close to Vindolanda Fort and tells us her Favourite Five.

My Favourite 5:

Aerial view of Roman Fort Vindolanda looking towards Hadrian

  1. Location, Location, Location – I grew up at High Shield Farm midway between Vindolanda and Hadrian’s Wall so the area surrounding Vindolanda holds many fond memories for me. Visiting Vindolanda today it appears that little has changed in the landscape between Crag Lough and Barcombe and on a still summer evening at Vindolanda you don’t need Kirsty and Phil to tell you the Romans knew a thing or two about location.


Veryan and her sisters and Grandmother at the Roman Milestone in 1968

  1. The Milestone – The Roman milestone standing in the field close to the Stanegate might have been a welcome sight for travellers heading for the fort. For the Walton children who lived at High Shield in 1968 it was a great prop for photographs. I am not sure we had the level of appreciation for historical monuments that current visitors show.

  1. Shoes – The two cases full of leather shoes as you enter the museum never fail to stop me in my tracks. Not only were these very functional items but the designs and decoration are inspirational. Particular favourites are the child’s shoes and the ladies shoe with a lattice style design.


  1. The Human skull – Human relics found at Vindolanda are a reminder than living there could be difficult and dangerous for some. What fascinates me is what DNA can now tell us about the origins of some of these individuals. Listening to Barbara explain this at the last Friend’s Day in October was a real treat.


  1. The Duck Brooch – Another example of beautiful design, just as attractive now as it was centuries ago. I am very proud to wear the replica I have – a stunning brooch and a wonderful memento of Vindolanda.