Guided Tours Vindolanda

6th April - 22nd September
Make the most of your visit to Vindolanda by joining one of our Free guided tours. Read more

Rainbow Writing Tablets

14th - 16th & 21st-22nd April
Have a go at writing in ancient cursive script at the Roman Army Museum this Easter. A fun event for the whole family. Read more

Vindolanda Excavations

8th April - 20th September 2019
Don't miss out on the excitement of watching the 2019 Roman excavations at Vindolanda. They take palce Monday - Friday weather permitting. Read more

Rosalia Festival of the Roses

1st May - 2nd June
Rosalia is an ancient Roman festival which we commemorate at the Roman Army Museum by decorating the museum with roses. Read more

Excavation Extravaganza

Monday 6th May
Come along to a very sepcial Finds Handling with some of our very latest discoveries in this May Day Excavation Extravaganza! Read more

Roman Games Day

Monday 6th May
Fun and games at the Roman Army Museum with Roman themed games. Great for children. Read more

Minimus Latin Weekend

25th & 26th May
Don't miss our Minimus Weekend! With the help of a famous little mouse we will be celebrating the Latin language with a full weekend of events at BOTH our sites. Read more

Friends Day 2019

4th October 2019
This is an exclusive event for our Friends of Vindolanda and is being held at BOTH sites. Read more