Hans Christian Andersen came to the UK from Denmark in 1979, to study for a PhD and, since 1982, has worked at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, in the School of Modern Languages, ICCHS and in Newcastle Business School respectively.


For most of his life, he has been passionate about museums (“I am a linguist at heart, for me museums and galleries are powerful media, storers and bearers of social meaning,” he says when asked why he did not just work in one). He has been involved in Museums North (the Museums Federation for North East England) for twenty years, including a period as its President, has lectured and written about museums in the tourism industry and manages a FaceBook page about museums for the North East region.


He is particularly delighted to be a Director at Vindolanda Trust, contributing actively to the life one of the UK’s internationally most famous Roman museums, not just in the committee room and on-site but also as a volunteer archaeologist in 2018.