During this workshop participants will learn about Roman Barbotine Ware, sometimes referred to as colour coated ware or Castor Ware, this slip trailing technique, a little like cake icing, that was used to decorate Roman pottery with scenes of Hunting, Chariot Racing and Gladiatorial Combat. The pots were then coated in a dark slip later and fired to give them a soft sheen. You will use the same techniques that the original potters would have used, to create a Barbotine tile panel, based on an original scene, that can be framed or wall mounted.

Maxium 8 people per session - book early to avoid disappointment!

Graham Taylor is a potter, experimental archaeologist and ancient pottery technology specialist, based in Rothbury, Northumberland. He has worked with the Vindolanda trust for a few of years and runs workshops, demonstrations and has built a working replica Roman kiln in our gardens. He specialises in Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon pottery. To learn more about Potted History follow visit their website.

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