Workshop runs from 10am until 3:30pm.

Includes: Materials, Preparation, Finishing, Firing and Shipping of finished pots within the UK

These workshops are designed for adults, no previous experience is necessary, but if you have made pots before, or have an interest in archaeology, the course will add to your skills and knowledge of the subject. The course combines basic pottery making techniques, history and archaeology, but most of all they are fun. They are very much hands-on workshops, working with Replica pots and original finds, you will learn about the special properties of each type of Roman pottery. We will look at the history, the materials involved, the forming methods and the decorating techniques, but most of all you will get to make your own replica, which will be fired and returned to you. Again, no previous pottery or archaeological experience is needed. All materials and equipment will be provided, although wearing old clothes, and/or bringing along an apron would probably be a good idea. All pots and tools that you make during the workshop are yours to keep.

During this workshop participants will learn about Roman Barbotine Ware, sometimes referred to as colour coated ware, Nene Valley or Castor Ware. This slip trailing technique, a little like cake icing, that was used to decorate Roman pottery with scenes of Hunting, Chariot Racing and Gladiatorial Combat. The pots were then coated in a dark slip and then fired to give them a soft sheen. You will use the same techniques that the original potters would have used, to decorate a Barbotine tile panel and a preformed wheel thrown cup.

Graham Taylor is a potter, experimental archaeologist and ancient pottery technology specialist, based in Rothbury, Northumberland. He has worked with the Vindolanda trust for a few of years and runs workshops, demonstrations and has built a working replica Roman kiln in our gardens. He specialises in Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon pottery. To learn more about Potted History visit their website.

Maxium 10 people per session - book early to avoid disappointment.

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Barbotine Potted History Masterclass - 6th July

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