Finding ways to cope with illnesses and injuries have been constant concerns throughout all human history. Written records together with archaeological finds from sites such as Vindolanda have painted a vivid picture of the medical care provided to both the military and the civilian inhabitants of Roman Britain.

But, by rigidly adopting a 21st Century view, it is all-too-easy to dismiss or diminish certain aspects of ancient medicine and overplay others significantly.

  • Did any of the medical or surgical treatments being offered by the Greco-Roman healers work?
  • Should we dismiss dream therapy or pilgrimages to healing sites - such as Bath or Coventina`s Well - as gimmicks?
  • In the Roman world what was the balance between prevention, treatment and hospital care?
  • Are aqueducts, drains and bathhouses really a reflection of the Roman concern for the public health?
  • Can modern doctors learn anything from their Roman forbears about looking, listening and speaking with patients?

 These questions – and more besides – will be explored using practical sessions, interactive discussions, lectures, and an examination of key finds from Vindolanda. Book your place below.

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Medicine & Healthcare Workshop

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