Our family trails will take you through the Roman Army Museum with questions to answer in each gallery as well as point you to some great artefacts and finds.

Roman Army Survival Guide: Have you got what it take to join the Roman Army? Find out 5 top tips for surviving your time in the army and see if you can answer the questions in each gallery and end your trip with Flavius Africanus at the recruitment tent and decide whether you would like to sign up!

Roman Animal Trail: Animals played an important role in Roman life find out why Romans kept animals around particularly in the army. The see if you can spot the animals around the museum and answer the animal related questions in each gallery. What animal would you have represent your unit in the army?

While you're here you can also have a lesson with our holographic Roman teacher Velius and watch our 20 minute 3D film about what life was life for a Roman soldier on Hadrian's Wall.

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