The 2019 Vindolanda Roman Excavations will run Monday to Friday (weather permitting) from Monday 8th April until Friday 20th September. Watch history being uncovered at Europe's most exciting archaeological site.

In 2018 and 2019 have and continue to be dedicated to the excavation of the Northernmost ditch dating to the Severan period (c. 200-212 A.D), located north of the 3rd century bath house. This area has been designated for excavation for several reasons. First, the Severan period, with its mixture of semi-traditional military structures and atypical roundhouses, is one of the least clearly understood in the history of Vindolanda. In 2016, when the easternmost stretch of the Severan Ditch was investigated, 421 new shoes were unearthed. Together with many other artefacts sealed in anaerobic conditions, the shoes gave us some interesting insights on who lived within the small-scale Severan fortification now incorporated by the Vicus. On top of that, many other ditches run parallel or similar courses, and we hope to locate them with more precision. Finally, the post-Roman aspect will involve the excavation of one of the first modern buildings at Vindolanda, the famers’ croft of Smith’s Chester, located right above the ditches.