Over this weekend, soldiers from the Eighth Legion reenactment group will be visiting Vindolanda. The Eighth Legion may have provided the Emperor Hadrian’s military escort during his famous visit to Hadrian's Wall. These veteran legionaries all have valuable skills to demonstrate and activities taking place include:

  • Have your own Roman Coin stamped (£1)
  • Have your name written in Roman writing.
  • Speak to Medicus about the medicine and surgical tools used.
  • Find out where you are on Roman campaign maps and how the Romans mapped and surveyed the Empire with the surveyor.
  • See the latest fashionable shoes produced by the shoemaker.
  • Listen to the soldiers explain about the weapons and equipment, including the 'Scorpion' torsion weapon at the armoury.
  • Try on the armour of a legionary and decide if you want to join the legions!
  • Arena Displays and parades