Digging up memories- making connections

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How it all started?

How often have you searched for an object only to find something else that jogged your memory of a past event?

Objects hold memories for us all. They have a voice that speaks to us from the past. A love letter, a birthday card, a shopping list, a theatre programme, shoes that no longer fit your children, discarded toys, the smell that lingers in a bottle – these can all invoke times gone by.

All the objects in this exhibition conjure up different experiences for different people: some are very personal, relating to family and loved ones, while others provoke memories of long-forgotten incidents or places.

Looking at the wooden artefacts excavated at Vindolanda, you can see a clear link to the past. Even though we are separated by 2000 years, many of the artefacts are familiar to us. There are combs, barrel staves, wheel spokes, beams, water pipes, tools, boxes and seats. All of which trigger emotions unique to the viewer.

Maybe one of these objects might generate a special memory for you?

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